It’s really, really strange sitting here and looking back on it.

The Metal Opera adaptation really was my first attempt at screenwriting. I never thought anything would come of it, it was an exercise at best back then: a pre-existing story that I liked, ripe for adaptation in that there were just enough gaps thanks to its original medium for me to fill in the blanks with a script. You know, to see if this whole “screenwriting” thing was worth a shot. Of course, back then I didn’t realize how influential it was on me, nor did I believe anything as outlandish as the potential of writing a movie or two set for production by the time I turned 21.

I turn 21 next month, and have certainly written a movie or two.

The potential of possibility is hard to put into perspective when you’re not yet sure what your perspective is, but despite the overbearing gloom of reality, I’m finding every day more and more that my perspective is returning to one that considers possibility and potential indeed.

I’d hazard the notion that at this point, it may even be probability.

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