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rainy evenings are the best evenings

they aaaaare I never get tired of the rain tbh

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it’s thundering and raining SO HARD I’m so pleased


"No one does a slice like Big Rico! No one.

My piece for the Night Vale RPG Manual

If you’re going to Norwescon next weekend, you can pick up a free copy of the guide with this and other original artwork in it!

Hint: Click here for a panorama view of the bottom pic!



darlng I am   FASHION qUeen   reaby for runways

SO going run on the town and kick up a heel

Cockatiel ready for some cockatails.


Giannina Oteto, T I T A N, by Mo Gaff

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All the blogs Tumblr keeps recommending to me are Halloween blogs.

*follows all of them*

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There’s a big storm coming, And I don’t care

So ooohhh baby, Jus’ gimme my ticket to hell


Wow um. Okay first of all I got so carried away with this haha I didn’t think I was going to spend this amount of detail on something and good god it’s been a while since I put this amount of colour and detail into things hhHHH I’m so out of practice but it was lots of fun.

Also??? The sketch for this was in the friggin tumblr radar earlier today?!??? THAT WAS EXCITING! So hello to all you new followers and awesome people who reblogged that sketch and sent me a message! <333

Edit: Full stitched version here!

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Brown Recluse bites on the rise


This BULLSHIT is popping up all over Facebook. This is not true- nor is confirmed by spider experts. Bunk stories such as these are commonly based on misdiagnosis on part of doctors (99% of “recluse” bites are staph infections), coupled with the general public’s lack of knowledge and distaste for spiders.

Spiders have evolved their venom to ingest insects- not bite humans!! If left alone, they don’t bite you in your sleep! If you have a mystery bite, it’s probably something a spider eats! Or you’re allergic to your laundry detergent. Here is an article written by a spider scientist at UCR. We do NOT have Brown recluse in CA.

Stop spreading this junk that adds ignorance towards people’s perception of nature.

My spider research