ugh I also need to set up that thing about the bards oh my god when did my creative core suddenly reactivate it reactivated TOO HARD

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I miss The Circus, I’m glad it’s trying to nose its way to the front of my mind again

oh my god

Book of Life was really good

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so, back in the ’30s this dude built a home all alone in the middle of the Mojave Desert inside of a GIANT ROCK because he wanted to be left alone with his radio antennae forever. the police thought he was a spy because of this GIANT ANTENNA ROCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT but he wasn’t, he just didn’t want to talk to people ever. after his unfortunate death, his literal only friend George Van Tassel took over his GIANT ROCK HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT because it seemed like a super cool place to indulge in his primary hobby, telepathically communicating with alien life. so he moved in and ended up building a small restaurant, an airstrip, and an EXTRATERRESTRIAL RESEARCH CENTRE he called “THE INTEGRATRON”, which supposedly was capable of anti-gravity, rejuvenation, and, uh, time travel, thanks to the generous efforts of some aliens on Venus.

and then he started holding a convention there. which he called THE GIANT ROCK SPACECRAFT CONVENTION and from these photos it looks AMAZING. it went on for twenty years and was the dream pilgrimage of UFO enthusiasts p. much until the dude’s death, drawing 11,000 visitors at its peak. after Van Tassel’s death, there was talk of turning ~THE INTEGRATRON~ into a disco, but this never actually came to be, which is tragic, because I would love to go to that disco. it is still there, though, and the current owners use it to give tourists something called “sound baths”. the GIANT ROCK is also still there, but it very ominously split in half in 2000 and is now covered in graffiti.

so there you have it. my new very favourite thing that ever happened in the whole world.

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The Lads from Alestorm \m/ 

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prints out all tft fanart and rubs face in it for 9 hours

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i’ll draw a better one of him some day

You could buy one of those portable folding chairs ? The more comfortable ones I mean..

I don’t really have any place to store them so they have to stay on the patio forever

those cheap plastic ones are probably fine I just need to find some at a reasonable price

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